Plant Stands with Haand

Plant Stands with Haand

I recently worked with Haand, a local ceramics company, on two plant stands to pair with their new Fossil Planters.

These stands are so cute and playful its incredible. They're handmade in my studio from Ash wood and an eco friendly finish.

The low one is perfect on a tabletop or the floor, supporting a larger house plant. It separates whatever it supports, to a pedestal of importance.

The tall stand brings your plants off the ground and into the mid space of your room. I love this for pottery - objects look more intentional and visually lighter when there's negative space beneath them.

I think these plant stands look like little sheep, or clouds. The ceramic Planters are inspired by fossils, from the wonderful mind of Mark Warren, Haand's lead designer and artist. The wood and clay come together beautifully.

To purchase, visit Haand.




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