Make Nice, and Mike Newins the human


Make Nice is a friendly, values driven studio. Well crafted, intentional work nets happier people and better spaces for them to exist in. The product of our labor is crisp, clean and unique, for clients that like to have a little fun. 

The studio maintains a small footprint, and makes sustainable choices wherever possible. We source hardwoods domestically, plywoods with great thought, and work towards a circular economy. 

What we do

  • Residential Furniture
  • Buildouts
  • Custom Fixtures and Millwork
  • Sculptural Works 
  • Creative Partnerships and Design Consultation

Mike Who-ins?

The studio is led by Mike Newins (he/they), an American designer based in North Carolina. Newins is a self taught craftsperson and interdisciplinary designer, making instinctual and precise works in wood, stone and other mediums. Newins’ work has been in Dwell, Design Milk, Interior Design and Aspire.

Newins’ practice is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, a broad visual vocabulary and a willingness to play. 

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