About Make Nice

Mike Who-ins?

 Mike Newins (they/he) is an American designer based in North Carolina. Newins is a self taught craftsperson and designer, making instinctual and precise work that plays well with the natural world.

The studio is heavily influenced by artists of the Light and Space Movement and the Minimalism Movement, as well as neo-noir science fiction movies, magical realism novels and an enthusiasm for manufacturing processes. Gestural minimalism and utilitarian craft are the primary languages of the studio.

Newins loves podcasts, dogs and large empty rooms.


Make Nice is a North Carolina based studio focusing on hand-crafted modern furniture and functional objects.

Custom furniture and design consultation are available to clients from all locations. Installations and custom build-outs are readily available in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Greensboro. For other regions, please inquire.