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Green Snake Table

Green Snake Table

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Special edition green laminate snake table. 

Snake Table is contemporary interpretation of an Ancient Greek tripod. Even in this modern age, it is viable as a votive offering to Apollo, a prize in a contest or for displaying a burning sacrifice.

Their mouths hold a round top perfect for displaying your favorite objects or everyday needs. Remove the top and the lower shelf is ideal for a larger plant or piece of decor, leaving the snakes mouths free to gape with wonder at your display.

*Want to loop back to the Greek thing? Wikipedia:

sacrificial tripod, whose name comes from the Greek meaning "three-footed"...

Tripods had two types and several functions. Firstly, some oracles sat on large tripods to pronounce. Far more common were the tripods and bowls in which smaller sacrifices were burnt. These are particularly associated with Apollo and the Delphic oracle in ancient Greece. These were also given to temples as votive offerings, awarded as prizes in contests associated with religious festivals, and just given as gifts between individuals.

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